Alani Apio
Hawaiian ancestry:
My Hawaiian ancestry comes through my father, Solomon Kuʻulei Apio, and then back through both of his parents.
Educational background:
I received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Drama and Theatre from the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa.
Employment history:
Self-employed facilitator and community liaison, working on Native Hawaiian cultural and burial issues since 2003. Part-time with the Board of Water Supply, assisting with burial issues since 2003.
Criminal record:
Personal statement:
How do we rebuild a nation for ourselves in a world and homeland so vastly changed from when we were sovereign? What should that nation look like, feel like, and how should it act? And, of deep importance to me, how does that nation exist along with the other million-odd citizens of Hawaiʻi that call these islands home? The entire world is aching for different models of leadership. Unfettered capitalism and our own short-sightedness have brough us to a critical point: with the effects of global warming we are at the brink of so radically changing our environment that humans—and many other lifeforms—will be challenged to survive. Should we consider the worldʻs problems as we debate our own future? I believe that we must consider the present world reality for two basic reasons: as islanders, we are already feeling the impacts of climate change and they are fundamentally changing our climate and physical reality. And, secondly, I believe that the fundamental tenets of our kūpuna, which helped us survive and thrive for over a thousand years, can form the basis for a new, healthy, holistic society that can serve as a model for how humanity can live in harmony with the earth once again.
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