Keoni Choy
Hawaii Island
Hawaiian ancestry:
'I. mar, Luukia Makakaulua mar,kihei Kahooikaika mar. Kalimaonaona Ohule Kalimaonaona mar.K hookuanui w) Mele Ohule Annie Ai George Kam Wai Choy Abraham Leilehua Choy Ke'onipaa m. Choy
Educational background:
Study of Hawaiian statute law and constitutions, rights, customs, Kapu. fish pond maintenance., ASIA/ASE “World-Class” Technician.2/25/91. ASE Triple Master Mechanic. WCC Auto, Ag Tech certificates.4x
Employment history:
Fishpond manager, Golf course Maintenance supervisor, Aircraft Engine assembler, master mechanic shop owner, Hospital maintenance journeyman, Boiler tender, machine shop inspector, journey machinist.
Criminal record:
Personal statement:
As a kanaka maloko, my kuleana is to malama ka aina, protect the Dominion of the Realm of our Mahele Trust. No to nation building or self-anything. Yes to state building. This Con Con has to start with the cor-rect factual history of our country Ko Hawai‘i Nei Pae‘Aina. Our Incorporated Archipelagic state has to have a legal basis for a pono and pa’a foundation. First by retaining all of our acquired rights. Starting from the 1839 Declaration of rights. The Hawaiian subjects acquired rights vest in the 1840 Constitution, which is the basis for the Organization of the Judiciary Department, Statute Laws Sec III (1847). Reorganized by Liliuokalani in 1892 Chapter LVII Section V. Our Hawaiian Archipelago, and Palmyra Archipelago were never obtained by the US, there is no treaty of annexation. Hawai’i is a belligerently occupied neutral independent state. The goal is Normalization of state to state (country to country) diplomatic relations, and Resumption of the Treaty of Friendship, Commerce, and Navigation. of Perpetual Peace and Amity(1850). The continuity of the Hawaiian Kingdom is ensured by protecting our subjects rights in the land, expressed in the LCAs and the Royal Patents.
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  • Pua Ena Burges
  • Christopher Lum Lee
  • Kaimo Muhlestein
  • Kapualehua M. Kerr Parker-Luta
  • Kamuela Parker
  • Cindi Caberto
  • Lisa P. Parker
  • Benjamin-judah Kalima, jr.
  • Makanamaikalani M. Kalima
  • Leona M. Kalima

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