Poka Laenui
Hawaiian ancestry:
Poka of Kohala m. Alexander Burgess conceived Alexander Burgess ii who married Charlotte Auld who conceived Alexander Burgess III who married Keoho Fern of Kohala who begat my father Ned E. Burgess
Educational background:
Wai`anae H.S. (1964), U.H. Bachelor's in Political Schience (1968), U.H. School of Law (subsequently Richardson School of Law) Juris Doctorate (1976); Thought Field Therapy (TFT) Algorithm & Diagnostic
Employment history:
Family farm, Dole Cannery, U.H. TIM & Kokua Program, counselor - Found. Jr. Blind, U.S.A.F. 4 years, Insurance sales, Cir. Court, Private law practice 1976 - present, Exec. Dir. Comm Mental Health Ctr
Criminal record:
Arrested for protesting at Hickam AFB the naming of a B-2 Bomber, the Spirit of Hawaii, Charges dropped; Arrested and charges for protesting shipment of oily soil from HI to Micronesia, charges dismis
Personal statement:
I am a Hawaiian Nationalist. I challenged U.S. jurisdiction in and over Hawaii since 1970, on my own and on behalf of numerous others, in and out of the judicial and political systems. I have brought my position in the courts, as OHA trustee, and at the UN. I believe those who agree and those who disagree with my positions are all people of good faith. The task before us is not to win arguments, but to unite ourselves into a unified voice, treasuring our different views, but moving forward with Aloha. In this way, with an open mind and a welcoming attitude, we make space for all of us, with all our opinions. We have too long been divided between Independence from or Integration within the U.S.A. We have used “or” when we should be using “and”. Let’s preserve the advantages of native Hawaiian programs within the U.S. and maintain our right as a people, entitled to liberation from the U.S. Time and opportunities are moderators between those two positions. In this way, we unite our people and all our diversities, moving forward bringing all of our talents to meet the challenges. The quest is not to walk the straight path, but to learn to walk the crooked path straight. Imua
The delegate candidate represent these 10 people are eligible voters who have nominated them
  • Leona Mapuana Kalima
  • Winona Harriet Matsuzaki
  • Louis K. Agard, Jr.
  • Laakea Kamauoha
  • Farden Keaumiki Akui
  • Lisa P. Parker
  • Makanamaikalani M. Kalima
  • Benjamin-Judah Kapomaikaiualani L. Kalima, Jr.
  • Kamuaela P. Parker
  • Kaimo Muhlestein

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