Williamson Chang
Hawaiian ancestry:
My Father and Mother are both part-Hawaiian
Educational background:
University High School, Honolulu, Hawaii, 1969, Princeton University Woodrow Wilson School 1972, University of California Berkeley Law School; 1975, Fulbright Senior Scholar Australia 1989
Employment history:
1975-76 Law Clerk, Hon. Dick Yin Wong, US District Court Honolulu, Hawaii, Professor of Law 1976 to present University of Hawaii, US Senate Select Committee Indian Affairs 1989, Vis Prof Wisconsin
Criminal record:
Petty Misdemeanor 1969
Personal statement:
I believe the delegates must 1) Come to a Consensus on the History of Hawaii 2) Eastablsh a "Hawaiian Authority" much like the Palestinian Authority with a Secretary General, A General Assembly and a Secretariat which shall be the Nation in Waiting 3) Under a Compact with the State of Hawaii establish a Court of Hawaiian Affairs where any person can bring grievances without bar by statute of limitations, laches, standing, mootness, or other doctrines as to past and present grievances of any legal nature as to which the Courts of Hawaiian Affairs are free to choose Kingdom Law, Common Law, International Law to resolve and compile such claims. the Hawaiian Authority would, for a period of fifteen years, serve as a transition to a nation-state, recovering governmental powers over that period, negotiating reparations claims with the United States and State of Hawaii, entering into compacts or agreements with other nations, as well as becoming signatories to international treaties as to Human Rights, political rights, self-determination. During this 15 year period claims will be compiled and a massive study will be undertaken as to best arrangements for governance.
The delegate candidate represent these 10 people are eligible voters who have nominated them
  • Makana Paris
  • Zuri Aki
  • Jocelyn Doane
  • Clarence Fook Tam Ching
  • Brandon Makaawaawa
  • Makana Parker
  • Bumpy Kanahele
  • Rebecca Soon
  • Kau'ionalani Pratt-Aquino
  • Lindsay Kukona

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