Hollace Anne Teuber
Hawaiian ancestry:
Maternal Grandparents-Full Hawaiian, Mother- Part Hawaiian, born in Hawaii prior to 1959
Educational background:
PhD- English, Indiana University-PA M.A.- Speech Communication, University of Wisconsin Superior B.S.- Cultural Studies, University of Wisconsin Superior
Employment history:
University of Wisconsin-Stout
Criminal record:
Personal statement:
Hollace Anne Teuber, Professor, University of Wisconsin-Stout, Native Hawaiian, born in Hawaii, raised in Southern California, residing in Wisconsin, I offer the following experiences in consideration to be a delegate in support of Native Hawaiian people: • PhD in English, Master’s in Communication Studies and Bachelor’s in Cultural Studies • Diverse record as an educational administrator working with multicultural populations • Successful experience in long range and strategic planning with critical analysis • Proven leadership in managing multifaceted and complex organization systems • Experience working with Board of Regents, Trustees, City Council and Tribal Government • Knowledge and involvement with Tribal Governance and Tribal Colleges • Ability to resolve conflict, move discourse and arrive at positive outcomes • Published author, researcher and speaker in areas of Indigenous peoples, Social Justice and Inclusion As a trained communications specialist, I am proficient in interpersonal communication, group facilitation, conflict management-resolution, and intercultural communication. I have an understanding and working knowledge of group communication methods and proficiency
The delegate candidate represent these 10 people are eligible voters who have nominated them
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  • Meleina Alexis Lauae Sega
  • Shirley Mae Sheldon Gernler
  • Sheila D Lee

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