Hawaiian ancestry:
Maternal Grandmother is Half-Hawaiian Paternal Grandmother is Full-Hawaiian
Educational background:
PhD Candidate in Sport Psychology, dissertation phase - Capella U MEd, MAT, and BA in Exercise Sci - Univ of Puget Sound 800 Cert Hours in Massage - LMP (WA) & LMT (HI) AAS - Tacoma Comm College
Employment history:
2015-2000 - HS Guid Couns/Teacher/Athl Coach - Tacoma School Dist '08 Obama WA Co/St Del '04 JKerry WA Nat Del @ DNC Current-95 LMT (HI) Current-94 - Lic Massage Pract (WA) 97-95 - Kauai Marriott
Criminal record:
Personal statement:
Throughout my lifetime, I have been very blessed and am forever thankful to Ke Akua, Na Aumakua, Na Kupuna, and Ohana. I have also been extremely fortunate to have had many amazing individuals share her or his wealth of knowledge and gifts with me; in hopes of assisting to better shape my life and the directions I’ve chosen to travel along this journey. Growing up and attending schools in the mainland (WA), and then being able to return to our Ewa Beach home during school breaks always provided me with diverse experiences while gaining a strong educational foundation of the Western World and Hawaii. However, being educated and living primarily in the Mainland has had its definite advantages and disadvantages which I am hoping to be able to draw upon in order to provide a varied view, open discussion, and to further assist our Native Hawaiian Community in self-determining the BEST pathway that will allow our Culture, Legacy, Pride, and AINA to surge and grow. It is OUR time to come together as ONE and to no more splinter the ROOTS that binds US; connect US as Kanaka Maoli - I am deeply passionate and tirelessly committed to working towards making past wrongs, PONO for ALL!
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  • Mary McGowan
  • Gregory McGowan
  • Hokulani Ofsthun
  • Katrina Karney
  • Jimmy Terui
  • Mary Grace Rideout
  • Nichol Nakata
  • Carolyn Hyman
  • Jeremy Nix
  • Paul Nix

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