Harry Cornwell Jr.
Hawaiian ancestry:
Adelia Louzada, Henry Cornwell, Helen Blanche McFarland, Henry Cornwell, Helewale Piena, William Henry Cornwell Jr, James Louzada Cornwell, Emalia Beers Cornwell, Harry B Cornwell Sr
Educational background:
BA History and Education, MA Education Administration
Employment history:
USMC, Snohomish School District, Aloha Beach Services,
Criminal record:
Personal statement:
My family has a long tradition of service to our community. Establishing the Waikapu Sugar Plantation, first steam mill in Hawaii. Blending through marriage Hawaiian, Portuguese, and American/English stock, forming a family that continues a strong presence in Hawaii today. Cornwell received a royal land grant from Kamehameha. We had a personal relationship with the royal family. King Kalakaua was reported in the newspapers to frequent the Waikapu home of his close friend Col. William Henry Cornwell. The Colonel was a member of the House of Nobel and served as Minister of Finance to Queen Liliuokalani. More recently Cornwells have been members of the military, teachers, police officers, firefighters, nurses and doctors, hospitality workers, entertainers and dancers like cousins Genoa Keawe and Emma Sharp, business owners like George T McInerny of McInerny stores. My father and I both worked the beach, Curly Cornwell one of the original Waikiki Beachboys, taught surfing and canoeing from1924 until 1969. We have always loved our islands from near and afar and our genealogical legacy compels me to be an active participant in this nobel process.
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  • Kanoa Cornwell
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  • Emalia Cornwell
  • Carlyle Cornwell
  • Carolyn Cornwell
  • Kimo Cornwell
  • Roxane Cornwell
  • Donell Cornwell
  • Kaiei Cornwell
  • Nicole Enos

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