Hawaiian ancestry:
Hawaiian - 5/8 Chinese - 1/16 Spanish - 1/8 Portuguese - 1/8 Irish - 1/16
Educational background:
1984 - B.S. Economics and Finance - University of Lowell, Lowell, MA 2003 - Certified Business Process Re-engineer - ProSci Corporation, Washington, D.C.
Employment history:
07/02 - Present - CEO, Makakoa Enterprises, Inc, VA 05/01 - 12/04 - Consultant, Change Architect, Inc, VA 05/99 - 05/01 - Career Transition & Relocation Mgr - 89 AW/Family Support Ctr, Washington, D.C.
Criminal record:
Personal statement:
I stand on the shoulders of my kupuna who were advocates long before the word was coined in civic action. From them, I learned three lessons. First, self-preparation; be it through understanding the dynamics of `ohana, collecting life experiences, achieving a path to higher education or demonstrating professional skills through practice; be prepared. Second, assessment. Know the community's needs, resources, capacity and strategic intervention points. Reassess along the way. Third, take action. It is this third lesson that leads me to call on Native Hawaiians to support my candidacy for delegate in the upcoming `Aha constitutional convention. The work before us is clear; build a Native Hawaiian Nation. I am prepared to take on this kuleana; to do the work, give voice, offer viable options and work collaboratively to identify a path and subsequent draft documents that represent the will of the people. I pledge a faithful spirit, a willing heart, compassionate leadership and fearless determination to see the work of the lahui through.
The delegate candidate represent these 10 people are eligible voters who have nominated them
  • Maile Duggan
  • Aloma Myers
  • Ku`ulei Stockman
  • Soulee Stroud
  • Bryce Mendez
  • Melonie Leihua Stewart
  • Tim Johnson
  • Ben Baker
  • Art Diaz
  • Shani Butts

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