Bruce Lambert
Hawaiian ancestry:
Kualii & Ewaliko lineage; Lyman, Mills, Mattoon, Payne & Farden 'ohana. David Malo Awards to uncles Sen. Richard K Lyman & Dr. George H Mills; Cousin Dave Lyman captained Hōkūle'a. Service heritage!
Educational background:
Doctorate in Management, D.Phil (Strategy), Univ of Oxford, UK M.Intl & Comparative Educ, Stockholm Univ, SWEDEN Master of Econ, Mgmt & Public Policy, Univ of Tsukuba, JAPAN BA, Colby College, Maine
Employment history:
Managing Dir, Helpnet & Localversity (Sweden) Place appeal & destination marketing; Visiting prof to Japan, Korea, Poland, Finland; European Inst of Japanese Studies, Stockholm Sch.of Economics; etc.
Criminal record:
( none )
Personal statement:
My thoughts on 'Awa aims: Develop ways to bridge divisions. Passionate activism often injures new efforts; many projects can coexist. Hawaii needs diverse skills & people. Celebrate Hawaiian success stories & strong role models (David Malo Awards, etc.). We'd wide diplomatic relations at overthrow - reforge global links. Washington's federal agenda can choke Pacific dynamism; Hawaii's more than a garrison state. Diaspora is Strength! Cultivate our cousins around the Pacific & wider world. Build more welcome in Hometown Hawaii. Hawaiian inheritance is not reparation, nor an entitlement program. Our inheritance doesn't infringe equal opportunity of others. American families such as Rockefeller, Bush or Kennedy maintain valuable tracts of land & inherit smoothly - we Hawaiian families deserve no less. Help the weakest: health, housing, education. Create ways more young Hawaiians can stay rural & thrive. Elders should feel secure at home & enjoy community. Australia, Cayman Isles, Jersey, Rapa Nui, etc. limit non-resident speculation in property. Seek consensus on better land use. What of Kahoolawe? I can't promise "Full Moon Every Night!" But this process can re-energize Hawaii.
The delegate candidate represent these 10 people are eligible voters who have nominated them
  • Lambert, Louana Lyman
  • Lambert, Keith Drummond
  • Lyman, Albert Lono
  • Lyman, Clarence Kumukoa
  • Moore, Paulette Puaa
  • Moore, Robert J
  • Mattoon, Cathleen Josephine Piilani
  • Mattoon, Creighton Ualani
  • Ishibashi, Herbert Pualiialoha
  • Lyman, Christopher Kane

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