Tanya Harrison
Hawaiian ancestry:
O‘ahu Island, Kona Moku, Makiki Ahupua‘a
Educational background:
Waimea High School BA Anthropology/Sociology, Lewis and Clark College, Portland OR BS Biology with honors, Eastern Oregon University, La Grande OR.
Employment history:
2003-2015 Wildlife/Habitat Biologist/Feather Project Manager - Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation, OR Biology - US Fish & Wildlife Biology, Archaeology tech - US Forest Service
Criminal record:
Personal statement:
I was born at Andrews Air force Base and raised on Kaua‘i. I have worked throughout the rural Pacific Northwest so am familiar with both local Hawaiian culture as well as life on the continent. I participate in regional Hawaiian events and study Hawaiian history, hula, feather work, and language. I am a firm believer in preserving our history, culture, and honoring our warriors. I was originally schooled in anthropology where I researched the Hawaiian sovereignty movement, but now specialize in natural resources. I am also of Indian descent and am familiar with how Indian peoples on the continent exercise their sovereignty. While working for and interacting with Tribes, I’ve become knowledgeable of their relationships with the US government and surrounding communities. I spent many years researching and assisting several Tribes in regaining sovereignty over their avian resources. My work experience with Tribes on the continent has allowed me to see both good and bad aspects of their expression of sovereignty. This, along with my knowledge of Hawaiian culture can be helpful in crafting a new nation for Hawaiians.
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