Mary Milham
Hawaiian ancestry:
My mother, Dallas Kealiihooneaina (Mossman) Vogeler, is the daughter of Douglas Ralph Mossman and Mary Napahuelua (Needham) Mossman.
Educational background:
I earned my BA degree in Mass Communication and Journalism from California State University, Fresno, in 1996, with significant course-work in Native American History and Environmental Science.
Employment history:
Iʻve been a professional journalist for 20 years - a reporter, editor, columnist and freelance writer - and have written exclusively on Hawaiʻi and Hawaiian culture for the last five years.
Criminal record:
Personal statement:
American-style capitalism has failed our islands in the only measure that ultimately matters; the sustainability of our islands’ finite and fragile natural resources. Because our natural resources exist in interdependent ecosystems, only system-wide control, through full independence, will provide the protections necessary to ensure they will be here for future generations to thrive in these islands. Half-measures, such as the proposed nation-within-a-nation, would at best provide a limited land base that would remain vulnerable to irreparable damage caused by decisions made by the State of Hawaiʻi and U.S. government. As a lifelong environmentalist, journalist and Independence activist, I’m committed to restoring Independent Hawaiian government, based on Kanaka Maoli values of mālama ʻāina and aloha, with citizenship for all descendants of Hawaiian Kingdom subjects regardless of race. A panel of international law scholars, at the OHA-sponsored Kāmau a Ea V meeting last year, recommended restoring Hawaiian Independence using best practices culled from the numerous former colonies who have emerged as independent nations. History is upon us. Our time has come. We must seize the day!
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