Katie Kamelamela
Hawaii Island
Hawaiian ancestry:
My 'ohana name Kamelamela comes from Kaimu and Kalapana, Puna on Hawai'i Island on my father's side. My mother's parents are from Pahala, Ka'u on Hawai'i Island and Anahola, Kaua'i.
Educational background:
University of Hawaii at Manoa: 2017 Botany Doctoral Degree, 2010 Botany Master's Degree, 2008 Botany and Hawaiian Studies B.A., 2001 Sacred Hearts Academy. Cultural exchanges within our community.
Employment history:
2013-2016 Ford Foundation Pre-Doctoral Fellow, 2015 UH Manoa Botany Graduate Assistant, 2012-2014 Cultural Research Assistant (Cultural Surveys Hawaii), UH Manoa Ethnobotany Teaching Assist. 2009-2011
Criminal record:
Personal statement:
My interests have been shaped by my father’s life experiences and his traditional knowledge of our Hawai‘i Island landscape. I am committed to raising awareness of indigenous gathering practices and the concerns related to these. By documenting what resources are currently gathered and how traditions have adapted to a contemporary context, we may integrate these lessons into learning and teaching as well as implementation at a governmental policy level to ensure resources for the future generation. It is critical to create opportunities for sharing ideas and to foster learning with Native Hawaiians and all who dwell or visit in our community. Cultivating relationships is imperative to support our networks that celebrate the excellence of our culture science. I live for the proverb “ma ka hana ka ‘ike” or “knowledge in is the work” and transfer this pedagogy to the learning needs of our citizens from diverse backgrounds. As a delegate in various indigenous exchanges, I have seen that the preservation of traditional food consumption protects knowledge and cultural diversity of teaching and learning systems on all educational and generational levels.
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