Hawaiian ancestry:
Tim Aki; Raymond X.Aki; Henry Kaiwi Aki and Lucy Wahinenui Kupihea Kahaumia; Henry Kaiwi Aki and Kahalekenekeole Kaluahine, JW Kupihea Kahaumia and Liliake Ala and Kahuwila; cannot fit entire ancestry
Educational background:
High School graduate. Associates in Law, paralegal studies. School of hard knocks. Avid reader of non fictional literature. Farmer.
Employment history:
Newspaper boy; construction worker from the age of 16; US military at 18; Department of Defense; State Public Safety; Soccer Coach; Farmer
Criminal record:
What criminal record. How about I continue my ancestry?
Personal statement:
Born Kanaka Maoli. Raised Kanaka Maoli. Die Kanaka Maoli. My great grandmother and first cousin to the Queen smuggled messages in and out of the Palace. My great granduncle Thomas Kupihea sat on death row with Robert Wilcox. My Ohana paid for the Queens trip to the United States and Washington D.C. My grandmother and her mother accompanied our Queen to Washington D.C.. My father is Raymond X. Aki former County Chairman of Kauai and his father was a Senator and cousin and companion of Jonah Kuhio. My family is so ancient that we are in the Kumulipo; we come from the Ulu and the Nanaulu genealogy and from the Hema/Hanala'anui, Mulieleali'i-a-maweke, and the Hema/Hanala'aiki bloodline. I am a direct descendant of Kaiwi brother of Ulumaiheihei Ho'opili who helped his brother bury Kamehameha the second time. My mother is from Aotearoa and a direct descendant of Admiral Richard Thomas. My grandfathers are Kauhi'aimoku-a-kama, Champion and first born son of Kekaulike and Keku'iapoiwa nui (half sister of Alapa'i nui. My Ohana has never stopped championing for the rights of Our People and I will never stop championing the for the rights of Our People or for Justice.
The delegate candidate represent these 10 people are eligible voters who have nominated them
  • Seana Piilani Ah kee
  • Zuri Aki
  • Bernadette Aki
  • Arlette Aki
  • Blaise Aki
  • Brandy Aki
  • Carol Aki
  • Edward Aki
  • Electra Aki
  • Francis Aki

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