Hawaiian ancestry:
Hawn, Jpnse, Portuguese, German I grew up on Hawaiian Home Lands and loved to be around my people, it's a good feeling...good people, kind hearts.
Educational background:
Some College, business major - I grew up hearing my father, his brothers, sister and their mom (my grand mother) talk about how the Hawaiians were treated unfairly, now older I understand.
Employment history:
Started working at the age of 13 for Dole Cannery, had several jobs throughout my 20's into 30, recently working for DHX for the past 16 years
Criminal record:
Personal statement:
I vote and I teach my kids to vote as I believe in "we the people" as a US citizen, we the people are the keepers of our nation and future. If we Hawaiians put our heads together we can find a path to be a nation within a nation.I would love the opportunity to become part of this historic event that will enable Hawns for our future and the future of our children and their children and our aina. We should establish a path for Hawaiian Self Determination as we struggle to live and thrive in HI. Proud to be a Hawn and have taught my kids the same as my father has taught me, as his ancestors to him
The delegate candidate represent these 10 people are eligible voters who have nominated them
  • Megan Cadiente
  • Christina Cadiente
  • Kevin Cadiente
  • Kyle Wong
  • Staciann Kali
  • Jocelyn Kali
  • Joelena Kali
  • Joseph Kali
  • Joshua Kali
  • Alfred Iokia

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