Winona Matsuzaki
Hawaiian ancestry:
I am Hawaiian, Chinese. My motherʻs maiden name was Kuamoʻo from Kau on the Big Island. My father, William Yin, is from the Waipa line, also from the Big Island.
Educational background:
I graduated from Aiea High School, Class of 1964. I attended the Canonʻs School of Business, circa 1978, where I studied a few business and secretarial courses.
Employment history:
I retired, after 25 years of service, from the Office of Hawaiian Affairs (OHA). Prior to that, I worked for the DLNR, Div. Of Forestry for 4 yrs., and also for the C&C of Honolulu, DPR, Human Svcs.
Criminal record:
Personal statement:
If elected to the Governance "Aha"... Quite simply, Itʻs resolve the Office of Hawaiian Affairs. It is time to recognize our Kuleana, to build a Hawaiian Nation that will act on our behalf,that will stand for us, and also by us. Let it be recognized, we are Hawaiians, and -- "Hawaiians Matter". With this Kuleana, let us begin to salvage and make whole, our native rights, heritage, culture, traditions, language and our "Aina. For too long, we have elected and empowered others to make decisions --for Hawaii. In order for us to have a voice, we must organize. In order for us to take a seat at the table, we must be recognized. Simply, why is our indigenous status an issue? Briefly, Webster, defined, Indigenous as: 1. Existing, growing, or produced naturally in a region or country. belonging to,as a native; 2. Innate; inherent; inborn. We are indigenous. The OHA was not meant to exist this long, 36 years. It is time, we empower ourselves. Let us build it. Let us build it together. Now is the time to act! I am, Winona Matsuzaki, and I thank you for this opportunity to participate as a delegate in this most important process, to build a Hawaiian Nation. Mahalo!
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