Claude Ching
Hawaiian ancestry:
I am Hawaiian Chinese, My grandmother on my fathers side was pure Hawaiian from Kauai, and my grandfather on my mothers side was pure Hawaiian from Maui.
Educational background:
District exception did not allow me to graduate with my classmates of 12 yrs., so I got my G.E.D, and was given the opportunity to walk with my class.
Employment history:
Tour bus driver, semi-truck driver, and retired refuse collection truck driver for the city and county of Honolulu.
Criminal record:
No criminal record.
Personal statement:
I am a current delegate of the Native Hawaiian Convention, that is currently in recess.
The delegate candidate represent these 10 people are eligible voters who have nominated them
  • Lori Ching
  • Taylor Emerson
  • Lewis Kaneapua
  • Faye Ching
  • Ashley Kaneapua-Kamai
  • Gene Kaneapua
  • Ipo Faurot
  • Eric Faurot
  • Kaakua Faurot
  • Laakea Faurot

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