Davis Price
Hawaiian ancestry:
Renee Kuuleinani Price is my mother, daughter of Esther Kuuleinani Correa (Pollet), daughter of Rose Paio, daughter of Louis Ha'o Kekapa'i and John Paio of Kula, Maui.
Educational background:
B.A. Hawaiian Studies (w/emphasis in Malama Aina) - UH Manoa J.D. William S. Richardson School of Law - UH Manoa (Native Hawaiian Law Certificate)
Employment history:
Present: Office of Hawaiian Affairs - Staff Attorney for Trustee Dan Ahuna (Kauai/Niihau) Prior: Staff Attorney for the Hawaii State Senate Committees on Judiciary and Hawaiian Affairs
Criminal record:
Personal statement:
  'Ano 'ai ke aloha, I am running as delegate in this process because I feel it is an opportunity for our community to assert political agency in a way that could make significant impacts on the Native Hawaiian community and management of Hawai'i's most precious resources. This 'aha can lead to major changes that will have positive impacts on our people on an everyday basis. Increasing opportunities for housing, education, and food security are the issueS most important for me heading into this process. i believe we can fight for all of those things and find success as a lāhui. However, I do feel that this process of nation-building has been flawed and has suffered as a result of poor leadership. That said, I feel it is up to a new generation of leaders to be a part of this process. For it is the next generations that will deal with the outcomes in the years to come. I want to be one of the voices representing the next generations. I will also work to ensure that any citizenry and voting rights are inclusive and that EVERY Hawaiian, no matter blood quantum or their geographic location will be given opportunity to participate in our lāhui.
The delegate candidate represent these 10 people are eligible voters who have nominated them
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  • Jocelyn Macadangdang-Doane
  • Joseph Kuhio Lewis
  • Kamaile Maldonado
  • Maxwell Kopper
  • Sterling Wong
  • Jonathan Ching
  • Derek Kauanoe
  • Amy Kalili
  • Anthony Makana Paris

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