Christopher-Travis Lum Lee
Hawaiian ancestry:
Educational background:
Associate's Degree in Administration of Justice; Bachelor's Degree in Public Administration; Master's Degree in Business Administration.
Employment history:
Office of Hawaiian Affairs Program Improvement Specialist (Current); Office of Youth Services Juvenile Justice Program Specialist; Department of Health Planner; Judiciary Social Service Assistant.
Criminal record:
Personal statement:
Aloha all! This convention will bring together people from various backgrounds representing communities, cultures, and industries. As an advocate for a smart governing structure, I ask for your support in my candidacy for delegate because I bring a deep understanding of how governments around the world are structured and how implementing a solid economic plan will lead to economic self-sufficiency for our people. We now have the opportunity to create a lasting plan for how our people will grow as a society and how we can become prosperous, and therefore we need the right blend of backgrounds in the delegation. I am asking to be voted in to the delegation to ensure that the need for a concrete economic plan giving further legitimacy to the progress of our people will keep the attention that it deserves. My vision for the outcome of this convention is a plan that will unite communities, industries, and economies.
The delegate candidate represent these 10 people are eligible voters who have nominated them
  • Laakea Kamauoha
  • Farden Keaumiki Akui
  • Winona Matsuzaki
  • Lisa Parker (Roberts)
  • Makanamaikalani Kalima
  • Leona Kalima
  • Kaimo Muhlestein
  • Benjamin-Judah Kapomaikaiualani Kalima Jr.
  • Kapualehua Mahinakauloa Kerr Parker Luta
  • Kamuela Parker

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