Lydia Burt
Hawaiian ancestry:
My grandmother is full hawaiian, our family is from Honokaa, Hawaii. Our family last name is Kakuawela, we are related to the Lindsey and Spencer families.
Educational background:
Currently earning my Masters degree in Leadership
Employment history:
Federal employee Worked as a Paralegal
Criminal record:
Personal statement:
I'm 25% Hawaiian which may not seem like a lot but with our heritage and blood line being diluted over the years that is a decent percentage, my grandmother always instilled in us the importance of our Hawaiian heritage. She told us stories of how she was not allowed to speak our language growing up on the Big Island; she spoke of how she was told to stay out of the sun so she wouldn't get dark. She told us how men working the field raped her. My grandmother always made sure we knew of Hawaii even though I grew up on the mainland. On her deathbed she got up and did the Hula and she said " they could never take this away from us". I love being Hawaiian and know what it means to protect our heritage and rights of our people. There is so much about the Hawaiian heritage that is being lost and forgotten and it hurts to watch our islands fade to tourist and people with no sense of what it is to be Hawaiian. Many people are "proud" to be local but local doesn't mean Hawaiian. It means you were fortunate enough to be raised in a beautiful land but what are they doing to save the islands of Aloha it takes more than just wearing a t-shirt or waving a flag. Action is needed. Aloha nui loa
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