Keoni Agard
Hawaiian ancestry:
My father is John Agard who is of Hawaiian and Caucasian descent. My mother is Johanna Mokiao Agard who is of Hawaiian and Chinese descent. Our ancestors come from Ka'u, Kona and Kohala.
Educational background:
Kamehameha Schools, Pre-Business,1969 Chaminade University, Bachelor of Arts.,Business Administration, 1973 University of Hawaii Wm. S. Richardson School of Law, Juris Doctorate, 1978
Employment history:
Alu Like, Inc.; Attorney General's office; Native Hawaiian Legal Corp;, Law Office of Keoni K. Agard; Staff Majority Attorneys Office, State Legislature; Policy & Program Analyst, DHHL; Agard Law LLC
Criminal record:
Personal statement:
He Hawai'i Au, I am proud to be Hawaiian…please vote for Keoni Kealoha Agard as your delegate for the 2016 Constitutional Convention to restore our Hawaiian nation and its government. Restoration means management and control over our own land and assets, and the power to build a nation that reflects our own priorities and Hawaiian values but more importantly being in charge of our own destiny. As Vice Chairman of the 1999-2000 Native Hawaiian Constitutional Convention, “Aha Hawai'i O'iwi”, I have experience working with 77 duly elected delegates , who debated every word and every sentence of the two constitutions that were never presented for ratification to the Hawaiian community due to termination of funding. Our generation must create the VISION for the Nation of Hawaii and future generations. The Nation of Hawaii can collect billions of dollars of shipping tariffs, rental income for our military bases; foreign aid from the U.S. , and reparations for the illegal actions perpetrated on our Queen and people...None of these monies can be received by the State. But working in tandem with the State, we can share our resources to stablize the economy for all of us. Imua!
The delegate candidate represent these 10 people are eligible voters who have nominated them
  • Melody Mackenzie
  • Elspeth M. Alau
  • Alberta Low
  • Christine L. Anjo
  • Paul Richards
  • Rawlette Kraut
  • Renwick V.I. Tassill
  • Earl S. Tenn
  • John A Low Jr.
  • Mahealani Cypher

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