Donald Aweau
Hawaiian ancestry:
Native Hawaiian. Descendant of Kililaweau/Keli'imaika'i (Kamehameha I)
Educational background:
B.A. Hawaiian Studies
Employment history:
Honolulu City Council City and County of Honolulu Legislative Aide
Criminal record:
Personal statement:
Native Hawaiians have a great opportunity to make huge social, political and economical gains in the State of Hawai'i. My overall goal along with fellow delegates is to make a lasting change into perpetuity and to restore Native Hawaiians rightful place in their own homeland.
The delegate candidate represent these 10 people are eligible voters who have nominated them
  • Terri Aweau
  • Kerrissa Aweau
  • Kerrine Lee
  • Jordan Akiona
  • Nalani Takushi
  • Peter Hanohano
  • Darrell Bactad
  • Sherry Pokakaa
  • Ramon Quizon
  • Wendell Perry

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