Soulee Lester Kealohaonalani Stroud
Hawaiian ancestry:
Noted on my Territory of Hawaii Certificate of Live Birth; Island of birth-Hawaiʻi, in the County of Hawaiʻi, Rural of Hamakua, location of Kukuihaele, lineage is Caucasian, Hawaiian, Chinese, Japanese
Educational background:
Highland High School - High School Diploma Colorado State University - Bachelors of Science in Vocational Agriculture/Horticulture Brigham Young University - Master of Public Administration
Employment history:
Secondary and Post Secondary Teacher - 1976-1980 JC Keepsake, Management - 1980-1990 Stroud Investments, Owner - 1991-2011 Stroud Consulting, Owner - 2012-present
Criminal record:
Personal statement:
I will seek to be a voice for Hawaiians in re-establishing a Native Hawaiian governing entity. Once a Native Hawaiian government and its constitution is re-established, Native Hawaiians and citizens of this sovereign governing entity may seek recognition at an international, federal and or state level, dependent on the will of the people. To be Hawaiian is enough and should be the determining factor to participate in the nation-building process. I accept the notion that many Hawaiians living outside of Hawaiʻi, do not know what is transpiring in Hawaiʻi. I would also challenge that many Hawaiians who live in Hawaiʻi, do not know what is transpiring in Hawaiʻi. If we are willing to inform and educate Hawaiians living in Hawaiʻi, why are we not willing to inform and educate Hawaiians living outside of Hawaiʻi? No matter where they reside, or the circumstances or the decision on where they reside, let us be inclusive of all Hawaiians. As a community advocate leading and empowering community based and national organizations, a businessman, a husband, a father, and a grandfather, I offer this life experience to contribute in building our lahui. Soulee Lester Kealohaonālani Stroud
The delegate candidate represent these 10 people are eligible voters who have nominated them
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  • Theodora Charlene Leiala Furtado
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  • David Kaohi Kaleikau Jr.
  • Henrietta Leinani Kaleikau
  • Marlene Uilani Livesay
  • Lono Anthony Kollars

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