Benjamin Shafer
Hawaiian ancestry:
I am Hawaiian on my mother's side. Grandfather is from the Maweke line from Tahiti in 1124. Grandmother's side Kawaauhau - from Miloli'i via Kauai
Educational background:
Bachelor's of Science, Political Science - Goverment History
Employment history:
International Alliance of Theatrical and Stage Employees (IATSE Local 665), Technician Benefit Employment & Support Services (BESSD), Eligibility Worker United States Air Force (USAF), Fire Fighter
Criminal record:
Personal statement:
I would like all of our ancestors who signed the KU'E petition to know we did our part in making things pono and pa'a for the kanaka and for all the natural resources which gives life. Our precious aina, the wai and kai, and everything therein where our cultural traditions and practices reminds us of our kuleana and aloha.
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  • Dansette Martinez
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  • Dannette K Pascual
  • John K Pascual
  • Sherrilynn L. Johnson
  • Daniel M. Kapu
  • Whitney Martinez
  • Trisha Renaud
  • Rachael Martinez

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