Lisa Parker
Hawaiian ancestry:
Hawaiian; Chinese; English; German
Educational background:
Kalani High School, Graduated 1969 Cannon's College of Business, Graduated 1971
Employment history:
Legal Secretary/Assistant - 35 Years; Worked at various Law Firms and Sole Practitioners in Downtown Honolulu Presently Legal Clerk lll - Honolulu Ethics Commission, City & County of Honolulu
Criminal record:
Personal statement:
My parents’ stories of their childhood and their background instilled in me, their beliefs, passions, principles and integrity and to always try and “do the right thing.” My father lived during the plantation era, and reminisced of those years during election time in Lahaina, when his mother would tell him to go under the house to get the kerosene lanterns, because if you voted Democrat, the plantation owners would turn-off their electricity. My grandparents were staunch believers in the rights of the less fortunate. Every election year, my grandmother would dress in her finest black holoku, black papale and elbow-length black gloves, and wore a banner across her chest that read DEMOCRAT; she would stroll down Lahaina town to the election polls, with her siblings in tow, wearing starched white clothing. As a delegate, I will strive for a Constitution that will take care of our peoples’ basic needs of improved health care, housing and welfare. Our entitlements have been flawed by incompetence, unaccountability and the lack of integrity for too long. I have the true desire to participate in this once-in-lifetime process, and will strive for a Constitution for our new Hawaiian G
The delegate candidate represent these 10 people are eligible voters who have nominated them
  • Daniel Ho'opii
  • Leona M. Kalima
  • Kapualehua M. K. Luta
  • Logan I. Luta
  • Kamuela P. V. Parker
  • Lee Kapua Roberts
  • Thomas K. Roberts
  • Wrex K. Roberts
  • Makanamaikalani M. Kalima
  • Benjamin-Judah K. L. Kalima, Jr.

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