Rowena Akana
Hawaiian ancestry:
Hawaiian - Registered with OHA
Educational background:
University of Hawaii
Employment history:
Trustee - At - Large Office of Hawaiian Affairs
Criminal record:
Personal statement:
We have two pressing issues.First is the passage a formal document from Congress that assures Hawaiians of self-determination and the right to negotiate for reparations.Second,determining the process to be used to define and identify Hawaiians who will be eligible to participate in the self-governance process.I believe that a comprehensive education campaign on this process is crucial. Unless Hawaiians can clearly understand what is being done on their behalf they will not support it. BRINGING HAWAIIANS TOGETHER TO DISCUSS ISSUES THAT ARE CLOSE TO THEIR HEART IS A START IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION
The delegate candidate represent these 10 people are eligible voters who have nominated them
  • Bethann Hihina Ahsing
  • Georgann Napua Ahsing-Han
  • Alisa Kuupuakeolanalani Ahsing
  • Sturmar Ahsing
  • Annie Ahsing
  • Joseph Ahsing
  • Levette Ahsing
  • Caroline Ahsing
  • Kehauhuionapali Ahsing Pantastico
  • Raynette Suganuma-Carlson

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