Leona Kalima
Hawaiian ancestry:
Hawaiian:62.5%, Portuguese 25%, Japanese 12.5%, raised by Popo and AhGoong DoB: September 6, 1952 Place: Kauai made, born on Oahu Family: Mother of 4, Gramz - 12. Eldest -15. AHO Delegate
Educational background:
Education: Sacred Hearts Academy, Brigham Young University-Paralegal Kupuna Mentorship: Ho‘oponopono- Auwae, Craver, Napeahi, Carter. Continuing Ed: Kupuna to science development curriculum, religion
Employment history:
Banking, Tourism, Social Services 20 years at the Office of Hawaiian Affairs Occupation: Research Analyst Community Service: Advocate for adoption issues, social-economic issues and DHHL.
Criminal record:
Personal statement:
From a very young age, it was evident Native Hawaiian issues would be a lifelong dedication starting with a decision to have children whose blood quantum was vital to the perpetuation of our Lähui. With my experience as an ‘Aha Hawai‘i ‘Öiwi delegate we were immersed in literature, discussions, debates, and decisions to further nationhood. I will bring this knowledge, hopefully, to complete the efforts to rebuild our governing structure. With my years of experience in the community as a whole, I have been an advocate for the downtrodden and uncounted. Governance reigns superior when the people needs are paramount, as opposed to those who have and want more. Today’s future is based on a visionary perspective of the past, present, and future in a global economy that systematically enforces itself amongst all. These concepts must be taken into consideration for our Lähui. I envision a fair and just deliberation favoring the best diplomacy I can bring to the process. I am noted for my “hard” questions that often leave people in the hot seat of truth. Therefore, I am accountable. To my people, the Apology Bill 22 years later….justice and self-determination is overdue. IMUA!
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