Melanie Bison
Hawaiian ancestry:
My lineage runs from the Lum Ho family. My children's lineage are from the Lum Ho and Kana'e family.
Educational background:
I have a PhD in general psychology with a specialization in addiction psychology. I am licensed to treat m/h and addictive beh. I also was in the process of getting my second doctorate.
Employment history:
I have my own practice for the last 9 years. We provide holistic culturally app. services to families & ind. I currently work the tribal communities and urban Native centers in providing m/h services.
Criminal record:
I have no criminal background to share.
Personal statement:
I believe this is an important process we as a people are embarking on. Since being in Las Vegas I have worked alongside many tribal communities and have seen the trials in which they have all endured. My current husband is Lakota Sioux and Ctheyenne and much of his family members are tribal leaders and/or advocates for their tribal councils. He has family roots in the historical AIM (American Indian Movement) and his lineage goes back to Sitting Bull and Crazy Horse. We teach our children the importance of culture, spiritual roots, and rembering who we are as a people. This will be one of the most important journeys we as a people will be embarking on as this will signify unity, solidarity, structure, and movement towards a sovereign future. It is in hopes I will humbly have a opportunity to participate in this historical event.
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