Noa Emmett Aluli
Hawaiian ancestry:
Father - Noa Tong Aluli, Grandparents - Noa Webster Aluli of Wailuku & Emma Akamu of Hilo. Mother - Kuuleimokihana Cockett, Grandparents Jonah Pia Cockett of Waikapu & Mary Kekahu of Hana.
Educational background:
Saint Louis College, High School Diploma 1962, Honolulu; Marquette University, Bachelor of Science 1966, Milwaukee, WN; University of Hawai`i School of Medicine, Doctor of Medicine, 1975, Honolulu
Employment history:
Family Practice: Molokai Clinic / Molokai Family Health Center, 1976 - present Medical Executive Director: Molokai General Hospital, 1995 to present
Criminal record:
Personal statement:
I am of the last generation to hear the stories from our kupuna about those who stood up against the overthrow of our Kingdom & “illegal” annexation to the U.S., such as my great-grand aunt & uncle Emma & Joseph Nawahi. We were raised by our extended `ohana during blackout nights as Hawai`i was militarized following Pearl Harbor. We experienced the civil rights movement and the Indian occupations. We did our homework, studied our history, and lived the disparities of health and welfare. Some of us knew that we could make a difference as Native Hawaiians, as our grandparents & parents had prayed & prepared us for. We identified with the lands of our birth, the ahupua`a where we lived & our mo`o ku`auhau. I was part of the first landing on Kaho`olawe’s shores, with George Helm. ALOHA `AINA became our theme & motivation to stop bombing the island, as it was with the 1890’s Hui Aloha Aina Patriotic League to reseat Lili`uokalani back on her throne. It’s time to “uku pau” what we started: the return of Kaho`olawe to a recognized Native Hawaiian Governing Entity. As a family health physician on Molokai I want to successfully improve upon the health of our lahui -people and nation. Aloha
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