Lori Buchanan
Hawaiian ancestry:
Educational background:
High school diploma some college no degree
Employment history:
Coordinator - Research Corporation University of Hawaii - Invasive Species Committees (Molokai)
Criminal record:
Personal statement:
I have been serving my community all my life and I am dedicated to doing whatever I can to help preserve, protect, enrich and perpetuate the lives of our indigenous and non indigenous peoples of Hawaii nei. I have done much volunteer work on several boards and commissions at the county, state, federal and non government agency levels. I believe I possess the intelligence and communicative skills to engage in the anticipated intense discussions about governance. I am a process person and am committed to participating in or leading discussions to achieve set goals and believe my life experiences have prepared me for this very important and monumental time in history for our people. I am ready, dedicated and committed to these life changing discussions and actions. I believe I represent the vast numbers of grassroots makaainana, practitioners whom feel their voices have not been heard. If chosen as a delegate, I promise to adamantly deliver those voices of concern to the governance discussions and I promise to perform to the very best of my abilities to make the very best decisions for makaainana and all our local people.
The delegate candidate represent these 10 people are eligible voters who have nominated them
  • Victoria Acedillo
  • Harry Acedillo
  • Aramis Buchanan
  • Anson Buchanan
  • William Buchanan
  • Aren Buchanan
  • Michael Bethke
  • Ella Alcon
  • Pancho Alcon
  • Paulele Alcon

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