Justin Roman
Hawaiian ancestry:
Kekaulike Kekuhaupio Kahulaokalaniopu Kaleiokalani Kumukoa Luahiwa Kalola-a-Kumukoa Meeau Kania kanaina Kaumu Kamehamaeha Kahekili
Educational background:
GED Maui school for adults UH Maui campus Hawaiian study's liberal arts first year.
Employment history:
Worked at Family owned company Accurate fencing company 2006-2015 Also Maui disposal Migrant wailea as a dishwasher numerous construction jobs Currently working part time at tri isle Maui
Criminal record:
One assault in the second degree One assault in the third degree
Personal statement:
Grew up in Happy Valley Wailuku Maui I am of Bailey an Bal Macomber an Rose lineage Families living in the time of the Hawaiian Kingdom an for the Hawaiian Kingdom Eugene Bal started the Royal order of Kamehamaeha for Waikapu my family has never left life was hard and some how along the road my tutu ended up in the low income housing where I grew up I was always a good kid but it got hard an I lost faith in righteousness as I got older life became clear in my heart was always love of Aina an Ohana which kept me grounded and I've learned a lot in this life I was given an now I have the chance to restore the honor to our lands an people not that it all lost but needs rejuvenation I know what needs to be done from the adjudication of our people to the way we use water I have ideas for all aspects of Governance who better to perpetuate our Nations righteousness then from someone who is deeply rooted in the Aina an with people Hawaiian an none Hawaiian please vote for me Justin Keali'i Roman for Maui delegate Mahalo Sincerely Keali'i Roman
The delegate candidate represent these 10 people are eligible voters who have nominated them
  • Thomas Makaena Kaleohano 111
  • Brittany Marie Makaena
  • Isaiah Makaena KTC
  • Genevieve Bal
  • Mark Kealohaokalnai Han
  • Tyson Hoopii
  • George Hoopii
  • Moses Lyle Kahae
  • Brandon Makaawaawa Ikaika
  • Kalai Reed Watson

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