Robert Luuwai
Hawaiian ancestry:
Hawaiian and English
Educational background:
St. Anthony High School, 2 Years College
Employment history:
51 Years as an Electronic Technician for the Federal Aviation Administration, 2 Years, Pearl Harbor Ship Yard as a Electronic Technician
Criminal record:
Personal statement:
Hawaiians should have the ability to determine their own destiny
The delegate candidate represent these 10 people are eligible voters who have nominated them
  • Emmitt Aluli
  • Davianna McGregor
  • Mike Naho'opi'i
  • Colette Y. Machado
  • Haunani Apoliona
  • Carmen Hulu Lindsey
  • Boyd Mossman
  • John D. Waiheʻe IV
  • Robert Kalei Luuwai
  • John Kalehua Luuwai

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