Bronson Kaahui
Hawaiian ancestry:
I'm Hawaiian, that's never been something I've had to prove and I'm not playing the "who is the most Hawaiian" contest.
Educational background:
My educational background is that I am willing to debate any person at any time on any topic in front of any audience.
Employment history:
Criminal record:
Wanted by the NSA, FBI, CIA, and all the alphabet agencies of the American Empire.
Personal statement:
Don't listen to any BS coming from any "delegate" or "candidate." Force the debate and force them to answer questions. No exceptions.
The delegate candidate represent these 10 people are eligible voters who have nominated them
  • Alan Yim
  • Christy Kajiwara Gusman
  • Jaylicia Kananimauloa Patricio
  • Robert Fernandez
  • Jennie Kaahui
  • Brittany Kaahui
  • Edward Kaahui Jr
  • Edward Kaahui Sr
  • Chris Kaahui
  • Naomi Mokihana Kaahui

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