Natalie Kama
Hawaiian ancestry:
Parents Clarence & Ruth Lei Kamai have 75% Hawaiian blood. I have 75% Hawaiian blood and am a lessee with the Department of Hawaiian Home Lands. I also am a registered voter in the OHA elections.
Educational background:
I have an AS degree from the UH Maui College. I was a member of the Hawaiian Sovereignty Advisory Council and Hawaiian Sovereignty Elections Council 1993-1996 representing homestead associations.
Employment history:
Senior Pastor of the Christian Ministry Church 1987-present. Currently employed by Faith Action for Community Equity as the Lead Organizer of faith based institutions who are members of FACE..
Criminal record:
No Record
Personal statement:
I believe that delegates elected to such a position must be passionate about justice. They must be able to see that this process is about undoing the "wrong" that put our people in the state of despair we are in today. The losses our people have suffered are too numerous to identify but a few are loss of land, culture, art, identity, language. Pride, and division etc., Etc. Delegates are the representative voice of ALL the people irregardless if the constituent voted for the delegate or not. All sides of the issue must be looked at, much research needs to be done, civility needs to be incorporated, respect of others' ideas and the best interest of the people needs to be the determining factor. Delegates need to look deep, far and wide and high, to make the decisions that will bring no harm to our people, nor diminish any of our vested rights. Delegates need to be committed to the process which they themselves will determine at the very first gathering. Delegates will need to hear & listen twice as much than speak. The electorate must consider electing someone who is trustworthy, honest, has integrity, real true grit and not easily compromised. Our future depends of us.
The delegate candidate represent these 10 people are eligible voters who have nominated them
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  • Daverry Kama
  • Jeremiah Nathanael Ioane Kama

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