Sarah Nakihei
Hawaiian ancestry:
I am on the Hawaiian Homes List. My mother was Abigail Luka Hassan and my father was Wilford Kim Wong.
Educational background:
I have some college at Maui community College. I Have been a Hawaiian activist since the 1990.
Employment history:
I have worked in the substance abuse and homeless field on Maui since 1990. I am a plumeria farmer for the last 2 years.
Criminal record:
I have 2 promotion of pakalolo recorded on Molokai and maui.
Personal statement:
I have been a strong advocate for a nation within a nation since the 1990 it is an honor and a privilege if I am elected. If not elected I will be able to watch this process finally go through. I am married to a wonderful and awesome Hawaiian man Abner Nakihei. We have 3 wonderful children, Nawaa,Noe and Bulla, we have 2 of the most awesome daughter and son in laws Joanna Nakihei and Brandon Asuega-Stark and 4 beautiful Moopuna Laa, Loea, Kawailehua and Lawai'a. I love my life here on Maui.
The delegate candidate represent these 10 people are eligible voters who have nominated them
  • Patricia Nishiyama
  • Abner Nakihei
  • Abner Nakiheijr
  • Ashley Asuega-Stark
  • Andrew Nakihei
  • Yvette nakihei
  • Manono Rapanot
  • Maile Hayashida
  • Fredrick Smith
  • Heidi Hudson

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