Stanley Ornellas
Hawaiian ancestry:
Quantum: 42% approx Son of Mabel Ayau, grandson of Eva Haleakala and Wallace Ayau. Eva was pure Hawaiian, Wallace was mostly Hawaiian.
Educational background:
MBA, University of Hawaii
Employment history:
Current: Self, offering Business Consulting, Bookkeeping, Accounting, and Finance. Former Controller in the Ski Industry, and Hotel industry, worldwide
Criminal record:
none (I hope this is OK)
Personal statement:
Self Determination is a key in the development of pride in who we are.
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  • Margene Hokuloaolani Ornellas
  • Uluwehi Manaalani Ornellas
  • Nathan Kamikiala Ornellas
  • Kaleikaumaka Nathan Ornellas
  • Tera Kela Hinchman
  • Melissa Noelani Hinchman
  • Evelyn Joan Ornellas-Hinchman
  • Bernadette Luwana Ornellas Davidson
  • Michael Kanani Davidson

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