Hawaii Island
Hawaiian ancestry:
Both parents are from the Island of Maui. My father is a direct decedent of Kahahawai the warrior chief who captured the island of Oahu for then King Kahekili.
Educational background:
Kailua High School San Fransisco State University Dartmouth College University of Hawaii at Hilo
Employment history:
Vice President Motorola C&E South Pacific, 1976-85 Kapono & Associates Inc, 1988 to present
Criminal record:
Personal statement:
Unless Hawaiians have a sustainable competitive economic advantage in controlling our own assets of titled land, trusts and federal government programs, we will never be independent of someone else's political control.
The delegate candidate represent these 10 people are eligible voters who have nominated them
  • Aurora Kaawa
  • Antoinette Lee
  • John Martin Pahinui
  • Ruth L Pahinui
  • Cyril L Pahinui
  • John N. Kamauu
  • Tressie M. Kapono
  • Christian H. Kapono
  • Malia H. Moses
  • Michael M. Mook

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