Lei Kihoi
Hawaii Island
Hawaiian ancestry:
My father, Herbert Kihoi, Paniolo, from Waimea—a Purdy. My mother, Sarah (Puou) Davis—granddaughter of Issac Davis-- born and raised in Opihihale. I'm a 7th generation descendant of King Kamehameha I.
Educational background:
A.A, Business Administration Bachelor of Science of Education Master of Social Work Juris Doctor, Law Degree Ho'oponopono (Na Kumu: Craver, Napeahi) Mediation/Facilitator (Neighborhood Justice Center)
Employment history:
Attorney: Legislature, Appeals (Intermediate/Supreme), Constitutional law Social Worker, Ho'oponopono Practitioner, Mediator University of Hawaii Instructor Lobbyist Hula Dancer Flight Attendant
Criminal record:
Personal statement:
If you select me as your ‘AHA Hawaii delegate, I will work to create a governance document for our Hawaiian nation to be approved by you. This document will reflect our values and define Native Hawaiian citizenship, court system, revenues, taxes, assets and more. My experience as a constitutional lawyer; lobbyist in Hawaii and Washington, D.C; trained ho’oponopono practitioner, mediator and active member of the Hawaiian community has prepared me for this role. In particular, I've worked with indigenous peoples in creating similar governing documents and legislation, reflecting native principles. I believe this and other experiences have given me the knowledge needed to navigate county, state, federal and international political processes, statutes, administrative rules, and ordinances—so that I can help develop a thoughtful and comprehensive document for a Hawaiian nation. As a former beneficiary of the Queen Liliuokalani Trust, it will be a privilege to use my skills and knowledge to re-establish a Hawaiian nation that was indisputably, illegally overthrown. I am committed to the Hawaiian people and seeing us thrive as a nation. Please vote for LEI KIHOI as your 'AHA delegate!
The delegate candidate represent these 10 people are eligible voters who have nominated them
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  • Josiah Hester
  • Ash Alices
  • Peneku Kihoi
  • Halialaulani Hester
  • Elizabeth Halialaulani Kihoi
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  • Curtis Wehilani Kihoi
  • Judy Alices
  • Sarah Puaola Kihoi

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