Fredrico Cachola Jr.
Hawaii Island
Hawaiian ancestry:
I am half Hawaiian. My mother Esther UU was pure Hawaiian. My grandmother, Dora Piohia Kepani and my grandfather, Lokana Kepani were pure Hawaiian.
Educational background:
Halaula Elem K-7 - Kamehameha School 1953 - Graceland University, Iowa 1956-58 AA Degree Educ Major - Iowa State Teachers College 1958-60 BA Degree Educ Major - UH Manoa M.Ed. 1966,
Employment history:
DOE State of Hawaii 1960-1971 Waianae - Nanakuli district teacher and Principal - Kamehameha Schools 1971-1996 Director of Extension Education Division
Criminal record:
Personal statement:
Running as a delegate for the upcoming Aha is consistent with my life-long commitment to serve Native Hawaiians. I believe that the Na'i Aupuni elections, the convening of the Aha and the ensuing ratification of a governing document by registered Hawaiian Voters is the best opportunity we have for moving Hawaiians closer to self-determination and sovereignty, and to initiate the first critical steps toward nationhood. The forceful overthrow of our Hawaiian Kingdom, the illegal annexation to the United States and the increasing pressures to accommodate and adopt, non-Hawaiian, beliefs and practices has not only destroyed our natural resources and cultural landscapes, but is a constant threat to our enduring spirit of being Hawaiian. We cannot allow these destructive conditions to continue unchallenged, and uncontrolled. I believe Hawiians must coalesce as a strong collective force to prevent further dimnishment of who we are, what we believe, and what our future destiny will be. I want to be among those delegates representing Hawaii island. I believe that sovereignty and nationhood are mana'opaa among Hawaiians and we should holomua like kakou in this process. Imua e na Poki'
The delegate candidate represent these 10 people are eligible voters who have nominated them
  • Carolyn Kehaulani Abad
  • Lisa Anne Victor
  • Ron Dela Cruz
  • Edith Kawai
  • Robert Lindsey
  • Shane Palacat-Nelson
  • Andrew Poepoe
  • Georgette Stevens
  • Julie-Ann Cachola
  • Leinani Heiber

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