Kaipo Dye
Hawaii Island
Hawaiian ancestry:
Father 1/2 - Punohu Ohana (Na'alehu) Mother 3/8 - Ai Ohana (Miloli'i)
Educational background:
UH Hilo - BS in Agro-ecology 2013 Columbia Univ. - Masters in Climate and Society UH Manoa - PhD Candidate in Natural Resource and Environmental Management
Employment history:
Self Employed 30 years: Trucking Opp Manager; Farmer; Mortg Broker and Fin. Consult Currently: Pacific Island Climate Change Cooperative (Analyst/Author) and UH Manoa Soil Ecology and Biogeochemist
Criminal record:
Personal statement:
Innately inherent, Native Hawaiians are rooted from a rich culture of environment conservationism. These are pillars that strengthen the integrity of a closely knit bond between economics, community and our environment. This three legged stool is a subject that has grown to being contentious within and between native Hawaiians and other sociopolitical bodies. We can look at the past as a way forward. Is sovereignty a physical manifestation or is it a mind set? I believe it to both, but this paradigm that we all seek requires a healthy interdisciplinary mix of backgrounds.
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