James Anthony
Hawaiian ancestry:
My mother, Prof. Pualani Hopkins (nee Alberta Pung), daughter of Katherine Pung (nee McNicol), daughter of Jenny Borden, daughter of Annie Ka'apa, daughter of George Ikaika--all from the Big Island.
Educational background:
Roosevelt High, Honolulu, 1979; attended UH-Manoa early 1980s in Poli Sci Dept; San Francisco State University. BA, American Studies, 1987; UC Davis Law School, JD, 1999.
Employment history:
Most recently: www.MCDLawyer.org; City zoning Prosecutor; Utilities watchdog lawyer; Consumer Protection prosecutor; Child Care professional and Zen Cook mid 90s; wholesale bakery owner SF early 90s.
Criminal record:
I have no criminal record.
Personal statement:
We, the first people of Hawaii, need the resources that sustain us physically, emotionally, culturally, and spiritually. We need the elements of life in our islands: Mountain, Water, Land, Ocean. With them, we can build an economy that lets us all thrive. We can work and create. We can live in the old ways—our taro fields and fish ponds supported hundreds of thousands of us—AND we can thrive in this 21st Century. We can create wealth and happiness, and a quality of life that springs from connection with each other and with our place. This deep belonging and ownership also allows us to care for our lands and waters that have suffered with us—our destinies are linked as one family. We are not greedy. We know how to share. And we are attached to, and literally in love with, all the variety that is our world today. It is who we are. We seek balance and fairness, to raise up our downpressed people, and to excel in every field we enter. But first, we must communicate with each other: speak from the heart, no BS, and listen deeply. Not be afraid to disagree. Make decisions and mistakes together—that’s how we move. Let us navigate together out of our common past, toward our common future.
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  • Lilikala Kameeleihiwa
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  • Harry Auwae Mattson
  • Lee, Keoni James Allen
  • Amy Kalili

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