Candace Wall
Hawaiian ancestry:
Maternal Grandmother 100% Hawaiian Paternal Grandfather 100%
Educational background:
High School (Star of the Sea 1971) Los Rios Community College Folsom, Ca.
Employment history:
Active Ca.Real Estate Bureau License #00683107 over 33 years. Long Term Care Ombudsman Volunteer in El Dorado County to over see senior care in licensed homes. Exposing me to a wide range of persons.
Criminal record:
No Criminal record
Personal statement:
I hurt for our Hawaiian people of all percentages it would be my mission to read, listen, educate and help with others to bring lasting reason. Living in California since 1977 in a cosmopolitan and rural setting I feel I am skilled to observe and assist many groups here and in Honolulu. It is a lofty goal and I am people skilled. We are puzzles and I want to fit and help fit as many of the pieces I am given to set while on earth.
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